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Greetings, I am a 74 year old male of Caucasian ancestry. I have been a USAF enlisted person from 1968-1982; first a Veterinary Technician and then a Computer Operator. I have traveled while in the Air Force to Europe, Middle East, USA, Far East and Australia, Vietnam, Okinawa, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. I only speak English, my native language. I've been told my genetic lineage has 90% more Neanderthal traits than the rest of the world's population. While I favor Native Americans and the world's Indigenous tribes for their inherent psychic abilities and atonement with Mother Nature, I am also a Star-seed with a rich Galactic background. I have noticed while serving in the US military that others have thought I had doubles; so maybe their is a clone running about that appears similar to myself. I have had photography and flying quad-copter drones for active hobbies. i have also been experienced with altered states of consciousness and know that I am being fed downloaded information for the last several years; though it is nice to know one is constantly being updated with the latest data; it is also extremely putting consciousness in the search and find mode as curiosity becomes second nature when most of my military career was spent doing inspections of food products for quality assurance and public health standards within food facilities. I have studies at the International College of Hypnosis Studies in Miami, Florida paid for by my GI Bill while on active duty at Homestead AFB. Ivan's first reading for me was to reveal a Zeta Spaceship on which I was a Foreign Crew Member assuring that the propulsion/navigation system update was functioning properly. It seemed that the Zeta Spaceship was more advanced than their counterparts and was deemed a threat by Nordic-Plieadans so it was disabled causing it to crash. I did not survive the transportation to Area 51 though the craft did. Don't know if any other crew members survived, Crash site was close to Berlin, Germany. So, I could deduce that my Light-body/Consciousness desired to 'hangout' within the Earth Sphere and watch the process of WWII from an advantageous view point; plus I found my ticket to acquiring a "meat-suit" flying a B-24 doing bombing missions over Germany. Original origin unknown; though traits of being a Galactic Mixed Hybrid from three major genetic pools was noted. Just prior to leaving the USAF I had learned about ACIM (A Course in Miracles) and was given a message through another person while they were in an Altered State of Consciousness; as the message was verifying my Silent Prayer Request as if I was to learn about Forgiveness in the manner of the literature called ACIM then I would need someone within the group (seminar of 30 people) to offer to me a room for the night. I was as surprised as she when during a short break that she came walking to my person and asked if I had needed a place to stay tonight. So, on my own and not with any mentor or teacher other than what we might call the Holy Spirit, I set about learning what Forgiveness would do for me and others; as it removes the blockades holding back love from being shown in one's life living in this world of chaos and distrust.. Namste'

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